Vice Presidents

Vice President

Pristina Mendoza,

Hey everyone! I’m Pristina and I’m a third-year chemical engineering student here at the University of Calgary. I’m currently the Vice President of Advocacy and Communications for EWB and this will be my third year with the chapter!

I’m ecstatic to be given a role that allows me to work with people from all over Canada on issues currently challenging those within and beyond my community! Outside of EWB, I love geeking over Notion, stressing over my plants, and reminding my friends to stay hydrated.

Feel free to shoot me a message anytime!

Vice President


Hello! My name is Trisha, and I am in my fourth year of Civil Engineering. I love listening to other people talk about their passions and learning from them.

I look forward to be the VP Finance of EWB this year!



Member Learning

Team Lead

Catherine Ko,

Hi! My name is Catherine, and I am currently in my second year of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Calgary. As this year’s Member Learning lead for EWB, I am excited to host various venture presentations, guest presentations, and other member learning sessions that focus on EWB’s values.

I very much look forward to working with the team to bring awareness to root causes for local and global issues, while initiating conversation to create profound social change in our communities!




Team Lead

Tumi Akalumhe,

Hey everyone! My name is Tumi and I am a second year Electrical Engineering student minoring in Digital Engineering at the University of Calgary. I am this year’s Advocacy lead and I am really passionate about green energy and providing sustainable methods of generating electricity.

I am really excited to meet new members and looking forward to participating in the fun events EWB has planned for everyone!



Evolving Engineering

Team Lead

Pavan Mohan,

Hello everyone! My name is Pavan Mohan and I am a first year engineering student at the University of Calgary. Outside of the classroom, one of my favorite hobbies is public speaking, specifically Model United Nations (MUN) and Debate.

I was drawn to EWB, and particularly this position because of the manner in which they have helped revolutionize the engineering profession by challenging the norms and standards that we attach to being a ‘good’ engineer. As this year’s Evolving Engineering co-leader, I am looking forward to working with all members to further advance the strategic goals of EWB and to ultimately help usher in a new era of engineering.



Fair Trade

Team Lead

Ghada Eldib,

Hi everyone! My name is Ghada Eldib, I am a third year chemical engineering student minoring in biomedical engineering and MEED. My hobbies include painting, writing poetry and going out with my friends!

I am one of the Fair-trade executives this school year! Fair-trade is an ever-growing field and I look forward to working with the EWB team to raise awareness about the small changes we can do together to live more sustainably. Being part of EWB has taught me much and I look forward to seeing all the change we can do as a collective!

Team Lead

Alessandra Chan,

I am in my third and last year of an Honours degree in Political Science at the University of Calgary. While finishing my undergraduate degree, I have held several leadership positions in multiple clubs where I have been working towards building education initiatives for topics on mental health, homelessness, and fair trade. I have a passion for reducing inequalities through preventative action and quality education and I aim to spread awareness that transcends my campus.

I joined due to the work I did with the EWB UCalgary Chapter’s Fair Trade Venture as a general volunteer in Fall of 2019 and I received the opportunity to be a Session Speaker at Canada’s 8th National Fair Trade Conference.

What I enjoy most about what I do is making tangible change and empowering other students to pursue their own passions.


Youth Ventures

Team Lead

Yna Arpon,

Hi everyone! My name is Yna and I am currently in my second year of Biomedical Engineering. I am passionate about educating and working with the next generation.

I am the Youth Ventures Team Lead for EWB this year and I am very excited to educate youths about sustainable engineering and, how engineering skills can be applied to address real world issues.




Team Lead

Hazel Eway,

Hello, my name is Hazel Eway and I am a Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in Manufacturing. I am excited to be the Communications Team Lead for the 2021-2022 academic year! I strive to work closely with my fellow team members and executives to help improve EWB’s communications, organize social media + newsletter requests, and assist team members as needed.

I look forward to a productive and fun time with EWB this year!




Team Lead

Jennifer Jay,

Hello! My name is Jennifer Jay and I am in my first year of engineering at the University of Calgary. I am excited to be this year’s Fundraising Team Lead and meet other like minded individuals, passionate in bettering our community! In my spare time, you will find me at the gym, attempting whacky recipes from the internet, or starting random crafts and art projects.

I look forward to being a part of the EWB team and seeing the impact our work can make globally!







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